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    "Witch Happens" is Master Gorilla's entry into the 2007 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles. The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest to see who can make the best movie in a weekend. On Friday at 7PM you are given the genre and "elements".

    Our genre was fantasy.

    Every team in Los Angeles got the same elements:

    Character: Frederick or Freida Laino (exchange student)
    Prop: bumper sticker
    Line of Dialog: "Hey, my mom gave me that"

    Then the teams write, shoot, and edit the movies and turn them in by 7:35 PM on sunday.

    We actually wrote, shot, and edited this in about 7 hours when the original team came up with a concept that was too hard to write and shoot in a weekend and gave up Saturday evening. Then half of the team regrouped and put this gem together on Sunday.

    Note: this is not our official version for the 48 hour project. That version is not as polished. Adam spent a few hours working on this version on Monday, after the deadline.

    Frieda LainoDaniela Jacobson
    SuzyReghan Alexander
    SvenCale Espinel
    DirectorAdam Krayvo
    EditorAdam Krayvo
    Written byCale Espinel
     Daniela Jacobson
     Adam Krayvo