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    "Kill Camp" is Master Gorilla's entry into the 2007 48 Hour Film Project in Pittsburgh. The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest to see who can make the best movie in a weekend. On Friday at 7PM you are given the genre and "elements". Unfortunately we turned in the movie a few hours late and were excluded from elligibility for most of the awards, but it still screened with the other movies and won Honorable Mention for best use of character.

    Winner's List: 48 Hour Film Project 2007 Pittsburgh
    Winner's List: Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article

    Our genre was Horror.

    Every team in Los Angeles got the same elements:

    Character: Jason or Julie Whittaker (camp counciler)
    Prop: tea cup and saucer
    Line of Dialog: "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

    Then the teams write, shoot, and edit the movies and turn them in by 7:35 PM on sunday.

    Note: this is not our official version for the 48 hour project. That version is not as polished. Additional post production was done after the deadline.

    BillyStephen Chamberlain
    DoctorAshley Cunningham
    Detective WilliamsJohn Iwanonkiw
    Adam StevensAdam Krayvo
    DoctorDan Radakovich
    Jason WhittakerRob Stone
    DirectorAdam Krayvo
    ProducerAdam Krayvo
     John Iwanonkiw
    EditorAdam Krayvo
    MusicAdam Krayvo
    Written byStephen Chamberlain
     Ashley Cunningham
     John Iwanonkiw
     Adam Krayvo
     Rob Stone