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The Deader The Better
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    VernJoshua Boyer
    Abe LincolnSean Chuthers
    Roger YoungBrian Barna
    Vern's X GirlfriendNatalie Coleman
    Eye Stab GuyJason Henze
    Chain Saw GuyPatrick Fawcett
    PeteDean Novotny
    Michael KingIan Altenbaugh
    Rick (Road Rage Killer)Nick LaDieu
    Rick's GirlfriendElizabeth Pursh
    Cell phone GuyMike O'Dell
    Slow Old LadyDean Novotny
    Arm Ripped Off GuyAdam Krayvo
    Inbred Cannibal Hillbilly
    Who Lives Under a
    Bridge Likes To Party
    and Has a Beard 1
    Inbred Cannibal Hillbilly
    Who Lives Under a
    Bridge Likes To Party
    and Has a Beard 2
    Hillbilly Victim 1Alisa Krayvo
    Hillbilly Victim 2 Jamie Addis
    Blender Hand GuyDan Mullin
    Laquitia (Frying Pan Girl)Jessica Gaffey
    BirdwatcherBrian Andersen
    Head Smash GuyDavid Funkhouser
    Pan GirlOrsolya Seher
    Montage Actors
    Girl Killed In CarKristen Berdik
    Guy Killed In CarNicholas Etzel
    Shovel GuyChris Funkhouser
    Curbed GuyAdam Krayvo
    Drowning guyJames Neff
    Tossed Baby's MotherElizabeth Pursh
    Duct Tape GirlMaureen Stehle
    Intro DisclaimerDean Novotny
    Dr. Schaffer (Vern's Psychiatrist)Dean Novotny
    "Mild" Marv Stevens (WRPV DJ)Dean Novotny
    Monkey ManAdam Krayvo
    Brian Barna
    Patrick Fawcett
    Monkey Man 2 (Pigman)Adam Krayvo
    ElvisBrian Barna
    Hillbilly1Sean Chuthers
    Adam Krayvo
    Patrick Fawcett
    Hillbilly2Brian Barna
    Adam Krayvo
    Yoanna Hudak
    VernBrian Barna
    Adam Krayvo
    Ian Altenbaugh
    Frying Pan Girl (Hillbilly Victim 3)Maureen Stehle
    Hillbilly Victim 1Adam Krayvo
    Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by
    Adam Krayvo
    Based on the Novel "Murder On Death Street:
    A Factual Account of The Serial Killers of Pittsburgh"
    by Adam Krayvo
    Co-ProducerBrian Barna
    CameramenAdam Krayvo
    Brian Barna
    Main CastingAdam Krayvo
    Other CastingBrian Barna
    Sean Chuthers
    Elizabeth Pursh
    Cell Phone Swallow
    and Hatchet FX
    Elizabeth Pursh
    Girl Duct Taped to
    the Wall With Knives
    In Her
    Elizabeth Pursh + Adam Krayvo
    Guy Thrown Off Of
    The Bridge Dummy
    Adam Krayvo + Sara Krayvo
    Old Lady MakeupDean Novotny
    All Other effectsAdam Krayvo
    Theme Song, "The Deader The Better"
    Music and LyricsAdam Krayvo
    Recorded byAdam Krayvo
    DrumsPatrick Fawcett
    Bass, Guitars, KeysAdam Krayvo
    Lounge Version vocalsAdam Sinatra
    Punk Version VocalsAdam Rotten